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La San Marco Top 80 Traditional Coffee Machine

La San Marco Top 80 Traditional Coffee Machine

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Top 80 Collection
Technological evolution
The TOP 80 series features 1 Electronic model in the versions from 2 to 3 groups.

The TOP 80 represents the technological evolution of the historic NEW 80 series. The renowned characteristics of reliability and strength, combined with a skilled and refined craftsmanship, several technological innovations of the latest generation are joined that allow the machine to align with the state of the art of technology.

Quality materials have been used for the internal components (including brass, copper and stainless steel), while the body is made completely of stainless steel with a chrome- or brass-plated finish.
The materials are long-lasting, functional and easy to clean, remaining faithful to the certified high-quality standard of La San Marco espresso coffee machines.

Backlit keyboards and an advanced display

The TOP 80 uses new and ergonomic backlighted keyboards and a graphic display that integrates and enriches the programming of the operating parameters that can be performed using only the keyboards. The presence of the display allows the operator to make advanced settings and adjustments while providing useful information to the barman, such as, for example, that relating to the proper operation of the grinder and the need to calibrate the grain size and / or gram weight. Through the display, it is also possible to adjust the multicolored LED lighting of the worktop (white, blue, red and green) and the regulation of the temperature in the boiler, electronically controlled parameter through PID algorithm.

Internal electric water pump

Led water level indicator

Keypad with 4 programmable coffee doses for each group

Start/stop button for each group

2 x programmable water doses plus start/stop button
2 x lever-driven steam wands

Pid system for boiler temperature regulation

IGTS: temperature regulator for each single group with flow variator

Coffee flow rate control with grinding/doses check alert

Cup holder surface in stainless steel
Smudge-proof stainless steel surfaces

Automatic wash cycle

Led backlit display and keypad

Work surface with led technology lighting and 4 programmable colours (white, blue, red, green)

Brass dome, finishes painted, chrome-plated or gold-plated

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