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Serenissima Espresso

La San Marco 80 Traditional Coffee Machine

La San Marco 80 Traditional Coffee Machine

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Series 80 Collection
Classic elegance
The NEW 80 series consists in the NEW 80 PREZIOSA and NEW 80 L electronic models, as well as the NEW 80 LEVA CLASS manual model assisted by new LEVA CLASS ® technology.
All models are available in 2 and 3 group versions.

A machine, which for more than thirty years has been a synonym of quality, combining classic workmanship and traditional finishes with internal components up to step with those used in both the most recent La San Marco electronic models and in the Lever model featuring the new LEVA CLASS® patented technology.

Quality materials have been used for the internal components (including brass, copper and stainless steel), while the body is made completely of stainless steel with a chrome- or brass-plated finish.
The materials are long-lasting, functional and easy to clean, remaining faithful to the certified high-quality standard of La San Marco espresso coffee machines.

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