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La San Marco Lever Luxury Multi Boiler Traditional Coffee Machine

La San Marco Lever Luxury Multi Boiler Traditional Coffee Machine

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Leva Luxury Multiboiler
Nothing to hide
Multiboiler technology, applied for the first time on a lever machine, allows individual temperature control for each dispensing group, as well as extremely precise (thanks to the PID controller).

The seductive transparencies of Leva Luxury mb, which is available in 2-group and 3-group dispenser versions, are achieved through a tempered glass body with integrated multicolor LED lighting system, and allow one to admire the technological solutions, the refinement of the mirror-polished components and the accuracy of the assemblies.

Controlled lever anti-shock systems

The first La San Marco patented technological innovation for lever machines to improve mechanical espresso extraction in full compliance with international safety standards.

The PID system – Proportional-Integral-Derivative

The PID system – Proportional-Integral-Derivative – works by electronically modulating the energy supplied to the heating element, thereby maintaining the temperature constant and thus replacing the current pressure switch which is unable to guarantee constant temperature.

Visible water level indicator

1 x lever-driven hot water tap

2 x lever-driven steam wands
Led multicolour illumination controlled through the remote with the touch keypad

Steam boiler in stainless steel

Mono block base in mirror polished stainless steel
Extra light tempered glass panels

PID system for boiler temperature regulation

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