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La San Marco 20/20 Top Traditional Coffee Machine

La San Marco 20/20 Top Traditional Coffee Machine

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This is the premier electronic model in the new 20/20 Collection, featuring a display with a modern design, LED lighting with 4 programmable colours for the worktop and automatic electronic regulation of the boiler temperature.

Quality materials have been used for the internal components (including brass, copper and stainless steel) and for the body, with side profiles in a selection of painted finishes. The materials are long-lasting, functional and easy to clean, remaining faithful to the certified high-quality standard of La San Marco espresso coffee machines. The perfectly illuminated work surface creates a scenic effect that harmoniously blends in with all types of interior décor.

The new display designed by La San Marco

The new display designed by La San Marco gives baristas real control over the machine’s performance and working parameters, right at their fingertips. They can programme dosages, boiler temperature (controlled using a PID system) cleaning cycles, energy saving mode activation, and finally, the settings for the grinder.

New keypad with five back-lit rapid response keys

The size of the keys and the intuitive graphics offer complete, easy control over all the machine’s functions. Four pre-settable dosages, plus a start/stop key for each group. The LEDs incorporated into the keypad also provide useful information to the barista regarding the status of the machine and of the coffee being dispensed.

Coffee flow rate control with grinding/dose check alert

Each time coffee is delivered, this system measures the current flow rate, and compares it with the ideal parameters selected at the time of programming. If the measured rate does not fall between the minimum and maximum parameters, a warning on the display will advise the barista of the anomaly, so that steps can be taken to restore the correct extraction (adjusting the particle size of the grind, the dose of coffee in the filter and the tamping pressure). This system, tried and tested in previous Top La San Marco models, has proved to offer useful support to the barista’s work, ensuring the coffee beans can give their very best, and the customer can enjoy a rewarding sensory experience.

IGTS individual group temperature setting

The La San Marco technology that – through calibrated orifice flow rate adjustment devices – allows the bartender to let every coffee blend express its best by setting group temperatures individually.



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