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Serenissima Espresso

La San Marco 80 Preziosa Traditional Coffee Machine

La San Marco 80 Preziosa Traditional Coffee Machine

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NEW 80 PREZIOSA is a machine with a body made entirely of steel, hammered and polished, with a dome and lion, in the two versions of chrome-plated brass (CHROME PREZIOSA) or painted brass (BRASS PREZIOSA).

It is available in automatic electronic 2-group and 3-group versions with electronic coffee dispensing capable of storing 4 different doses for each group.

NEW 80 PREZIOSA is offered in the standard version with flow variator or in the version with DTC system.

Internal water filling pump motor

LED water level indicator

Keyboard with 4 programmable coffee doses per group

Start/stop button per group

No.2 steam wands with manual toggle operation
Coffee flow meter with grind/dose check alert

Stainless steel cup rest surface

Anti-fingerprint stainless steel surface

Automatic wash cycle
LED backlit display and keyboard

Worktop lighting with 4-color programmable led technology (white, blue, red, green)

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